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The Belize River Lodge hosted the First Annual Bonefish and Permit Tagging Challenge from May 12 – 17.  Ten anglers met to place spaghetti tags on bonefish and permit and DNA “tag” tarpon.  The event was co-sponsored by Frontiers Travel, Costa, R.L. Winston Rod Company and Patagonia.  Continue reading

A 20-year-old man fishes local waters every day for his meals and scoffs at the idea he might ingest too much mercury.  “I ain’t dead yet,” said Justin Baird, who stopped at a Sebastian Inlet tackle  shop one gusty afternoon after making his day’s catch. “I’ve been eating  fish since I was a little kid.”  His […]

"Nervous Water"

May 23, 2012

No that’s not some kind of urological disorder. It is a description of some  barely noticeable ripples in the usually dead, calm surface of the flat that  indicates fish, bonefish, are moving underneath, pushing water ahead  of them.  There,” Dee says, sounding a bit more urgent, “12 o’clock, straight ahead,  three big bonefish. Make a […]

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust UK representative Paul Sharman was at the recent Sportfish Spring show in Reading near London flying the flag for BTT and handing out journals and membership details in his quest to boost UK and European membership of BTT. “I was surprised by just how few UK fly fishers know the BTT […]

Renowned Sanibel Island mystery writer Randy Wayne White has joined a growing grassroots group of anglers who say the Professional Tarpon Tournament Series, which will begin this weekend, is unsporting and putting too much stress on the tarpon fishery. White, who owns the trademark for the Doc Ford Rum Bar & Grille in which he […]

Dr. Jon Shenker of the Florida Institute of Technology is set to begin a two part study of juvenile tarpon in the Indian River Lagoon of Florida’s East coast.  A research grant awareded by Bonefish & Tarpon Trust will help fund the project.  In previous research efforts, Dr. Shenker and his students identified and determined the habitat […]

The proverb “know your quarry” applies to fly-fishing for tarpon as much as it does to hunting. The more you know, the better your odds are of finding them and coercing them to bite a hook bound with feathers, fibers and animal hair.  Scientist Michael Larkin explores what makes tarpon tick.

Wandering Bonefish

May 14, 2012

Fishermen are optimists, there’s just no other way to describe us. Every new day that we step onto a boat or wade off a shoreline, there is a new sense of hope that it will be a great day of fishing.  Fishermen also tend to be adventurous, whether exploring new water or just excited with […]

Raul Navarette, one of the top flats guides in Belize, passed away unexpectedly on May 4th.  Raul was a much sought after guide at the Belize River Lodge; the only FFF certified casting instructor in Belize and, to our knowledge, the only Belizean ever to have fished in the famous Jackson Hole One Fly Tournament.  […]

True Flies LLC a BTT partner and supporter of the Juvenile Tarpon Habitat Restoration Program has donated co-branded BTT/True Flies logo shirts with proceeds from the sale of all shirts to benefit the Juvenile Tarpon Habitat Restoration Program near Boca Grande, Florida.  The shirts are available through the BTT online store in two styles, the long sleeve Bokeelia Woven […]