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The Shrinking Tarpon Fly

June 18, 2012

Tarpon legend Stu Apte remembers “in the 1950s and 1960s you could hit the last fish in a string in the tail with a 4/0, 5-inch long fly and it would wheel and eat the fly. Do that today and the whole pod heads for Cuba.” Over time, as the fish learned what was food […]

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Lefty Kreh Honored

June 12, 2012

On Monday, Lefty Kreh was honored — begrudgingly — when a seven-mile trail at Gunpowder Falls State Park was named in his honor by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Kreh, who is still very active in the sport, recently talked with The Sun about his career and his sport.

While a good number of fishermen already follow good catch-and-release practices, many unknowingly use incorrect techniques that do more harm than good.  Without finger-pointing, let’s agree to admit that we’ve all handled fish improperly in the past. We just didn’t know any better. Even today, with a closer look at data gathered through studies on […]

(Originally published in the Boca Beacon on June 8, 2012) Responsible Catch and Release is Essential  The use of catch and release as a conservation tool to ensure healthy recreational fisheries for the future has become standard throughout the world of recreational fisheries. The catch and release ethic is especially apparent in the world-class tarpon […]

Father's Day Gift Item

June 8, 2012

Need a great gift for Dad?  Consider a co-branded True Flies and BTT logo shirt, they are available in limited quantity while supplies last.  Not only will he get a great gift, the best part – the shirts were donated by True Flies LLC and all sales proceeds go to support the Juvenile Tarpon Habitat project near […]

Congratulations to Zan Thompson of Macon, Georgia, winner of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust’s May gear giveaway and a BTT logoed gift package provided by True Flies LLC.  All new members joining at the $50 level are also entered to win an end of year drawing for a trip for two to Ascension Bay Bonefish Club.  Don’t […]

Bad to the Bone

June 4, 2012

Mike Leggett enjoys the thrill of chasing bonefish South of Tulum, Mexico, their blistering initial run, and how on the right days everything just seems to click.  “This bonefish is everything he was cracked up to be. Not big but still stripping line down to the backing before he turns and begins to track a long, slow, back-and-forth […]

Photographing a fish is part of the experience and keeps us connected to nature, no question about it.  Since all of us are keeping fewer fish these days, with a few common sense tricks, we can decrease the stress on a fish that photography adds and still end up with a memorable photograph. Try an underwater camera, which are […]

The Southeastern Wildlife Conservation Group is recruiting tarpon anglers to help with  research and conservation studies in cooperation with the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. Volunteer opportunities include tarpon genetics recapture study, juvenile tarpon habitat identification, data collection and tagging Tarpon in the Mobile Bay, AL Watershed (any angler in the area with a boat may […]