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Educational Program

Education is the best tool to engage people of all ages in conserving our coastal habitats and recreational fisheries. Conservation is important to all citizens, not just those who fish, boat, and dive, because it results in greater protections of our shared natural resources and sustains Florida’s multi-billion-dollar recreational fishing industry. The first and most critical step in becoming more knowledgeable, committed and effective advocates for conservation, is to develop a greater understanding of fish and the habitats they require.

The goal of our education program is to encourage the conservation of our cherished fishery in all age groups.

Flats Ecology Curriculum

Our comprehensive Flats Ecology Curriculum, built by Florida educators and scientists, uses the latest science to teach students in grades 2 – 12 about fish, their habitats, and the threats that they face.

Best Practices for Catch-and-Release

Read about BTT’s recommended best practices for keeping your fish healthy during catch and release fishing.

Weight Calculators

You don’t need even need to take your fish out of the water to figure out the weight. Check out our weight calculators for both bonefish and tarpon.

Educational Videos

Learn about our projects and research through our educational videos.