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Tarpon Regulation Discussions set to Occur

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will begin discussing potential changes to tarpon regulations at their September 6 meeting in Tampa.  Currently, tarpon may only be “possessed” by a guide or angler who has purchased a $50 tarpon tag.  Possession ranges from harvesting a tarpon for IGFA World Record submission to towing a tarpon to weigh stations during a tournament.  In an effort to bring Florida’s fisheries regulations in line with other sport-fish destinations, new designations are being discussed for Florida’s recreational fisheries.

Designation One – “Sportfish” – species in this category would be catch and release only, no harvest.  Proposed species in this category are tarpon, bonefish, sailfish.

Designation Two – “Gamefish” – species in this category would be recreational harvest only within regulations, with no commercial harvest allowed.  Proposed species in this category are snook and redfish.

As discussions unfold on this topic, we are interested in hearing from you.  What do you think about tarpon becoming catch and release only in Florida?  Please let us know your thoughts by emailing info@bonefishtarpontrust.org.