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Mangrove Propagule Collection Guide

devastated mangroves

Help Us Restore Mangroves in the Bahamas!

We recently completed a mapping project that estimates that Hurricane Dorian destroyed or severely damaged 75% of the mangroves on Grand Bahama, and more than 45% of the mangroves on Abaco.

Under most circumstances we would let nature take its course, and the mangroves would recover in 10-15 years. But Hurricane Dorian was unprecedented in the scope of damage: more than 180 square kilometers of mangroves were damaged or destroyed, with almost no mangroves left to provide seeds for recovery. Since mangroves are essential to the ecology of Bahamas bonefish flats, we are embarking on a large-scale mangrove restoration project in partnership with Bahamas National Trust, Friends Of The Environment Abaco, and MANG – and we need your help too!

By following the simple instructions outlined in the guide below, you can help us collect red mangrove propagules, which we will grow to seedlings in nurseries in Florida and then ship to Abaco and Grand Bahama for transplanting on the flats.