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Bonefish & Tarpon Trust News

New York Times bestselling author, Monte Burke, a longtime friend of BTT as well as a regular contributor to the Bonefish & Tarpon Journal and a member of the BTT Editorial Board, has written a new book about the glory days of tarpon fishing and the anglers who relentlessly pursued the world-record fish on fly. […]

Photo: Justin Lewis Mangroves make up a critical ecosystem found in tropical and subtropical regions. They are vital not only to marine species, but also to society, as mangroves prevent coastal erosion and blunt the damaging winds of hurricanes and tropical storms. In fact, according to recent studies, just 330 square feet of mangroves can […]

Photo: Captain Josh Greer People often mistakenly assume that environmental decline and the loss of fisheries that goes with it occur gradually. So if a problem is seen, like algae blooms or fish kills, we can use these events as warnings and correct the causes and all will be good. Sadly, this is not typically […]

The bonefish pre-spawning aggregation. Photo: Sarteneja Alliance for Conservation and Development In late October, Dr. Addiel Perez, BTT’s Belize-Mexico Program Manager, visited a bonefish pre-spawning site in northern Belize for the fifth season in a row. In previous work, Dr. Perez showed that bonefish at this pre-spawning site migrate from throughout protected and non-protected areas […]

Jonathan Olch with an Indo-Pacific permit. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Olch. When you’re on a fishing trip, knowing how to access emergency care is the last thing on your mind. During a recent trip from Oman to the Bahamas, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust member and advocate Jonathan Olch realized the importance of a travel protection services membership. “I […]

Kampachi Farms has been awarded a permit from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to establish a fish cage in the Gulf of Mexico to grow 20,000 Almaco Jack. This statement pertains to Permit No. FLOA00001 and more broadly to plans for offshore aquaculture in the Gulf of Mexico. Bonefish & Tarpon Trust is an international, […]

From one of the world’s most widely traveled fly fishermen and the largest producer of outdoor television in history comes the first of its kind celebration of the planet’s greatest fly angling. Chris Dorsey’s new book and film set, Casting Call, takes readers and viewers to epic fly waters from the American west to Alaska, […]

Photo: Dr. Aaron Adams BTT is proud to be part of the diverse coalition of conservation groups working to promote policy solutions to address the impacts of climate change. Read the full press release below to learn more about the #OurLandWaterWildlife campaign. Washington D.C.—This week a diverse coalition of 41 groups from across the hunting, fishing, landowner, […]

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust is pleased to recognize Jim Rataczak as the 2021 Artist of the Year. Rataczak’s paintings reflect his passion for the natural world, especially birds and the scenic places they inhabit. “I have known Jim for three decades, starting when he was relatively new at making a living painting,” said Bill Legg, […]

Photo: Tony Cianciotto We are pleased to share an exciting breakthrough in the Bonefish Reproductive Research Project, a pioneering collaborative research project of BTT and FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (HBOI). The goal of the project is to acquire new knowledge in bonefish spawning behavior, reproduction, and the early life stages to advance the conservation […]