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Welcome BTT Youth Ambassador Deighan Cherry

We are excited to welcome Texan Deighan Cherry to the BTT Youth Ambassador Program! At an early age Deighan learned to fish – and soon after fly fish – from her dad, and then began tying her own flies. Now in middle school, Deighan is an accomplished and well-rounded angler. Beyond the Texas coast, she has fished in 38 states and counting including Florida, New England, and Montana. Her favorite species to target have been trout and white bass, but lately her favorite has been redfish.

Deighan shares her passion for fly fishing, fly tying, and caring for our natural resources with the world through the @Fly_Girl_Global community that she co-created. Through Instagram and private online channels, this community of young women around the world share their love of fishing and fly tying. Deighan also organizes trash clean ups for her local community.

“My mission as an angler,” Deighan writes, “is to make sure everyone understands how important conservation is and how we can help to make the world a better place. I strive to inform everyone about exploitation of natural resources and help people see through the eyes of someone who care a lot. I hope that my efforts can make an impact on people so they can help advocate for the things that can’t advocate for themselves.”

In school, Deighan’s favorite subject is science and this is one reason she wanted to join the BTT Ambassador Program. She is already learning how BTT’s work on juvenile tarpon habitat in south Florida is similar to restoration efforts for habitat for juvenile tarpon in Texas.


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