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BTT Welcomes Youth Ambassador Caitlyn Cooke

Caitlyn Cooke is a high school junior from Bradenton, Florida. She loves to fish for mangrove snapper, bonnethead shark, and grunt in the Gulf of Mexico. “I grew up in Manatee County,” Caitlyn shared, “with some of the largest tarpon in the world gracing our shores in late spring and early summer.”

Unfortunately, growing up near the water also means she has witnessed how red tide kills many marine species. These experiences led Caitlyn to become involved in ocean conservation. “I have been volunteering at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota for several years, which has made me find my passion for preserving the ocean. I have also participated in the State and County STEM Fairs. All my projects have focused on factors that are affecting our oceans and how we can prevent something like red tide from forming.”

Caitlyn hopes to one day pursue a degree in marine biology, so she can use her knowledge to help preserve the ocean’s biodiversity.

“I believe that getting our community more involved and educating younger generations about ocean conservation is crucial to ensuring the stability of our oceans for the future,” she says, adding that organizations that involve the community, such as BTT and Mote, allow people to share knowledge to inspire others. “Through education, advocacy, and teamwork,” Caitlyn says, “I believe we can help preserve our natural resources and secure the diversity of our oceans.”


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