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Bonefish & Tarpon Journal: Fall 2022

The Fall 2022 issue of the Bonefish & Tarpon Journal is now available to read online. Receive a year-long subscription to the Journal when you support BTT with an annual membership. Join today!

Here are some of the stories you’ll find inside:


Cracking the Tarpon Code
By T. Edward Nickens
BTT’s five-year Tarpon Acoustic Tagging Project reveals new insights into tarpon movement and habitat use, information now being applied to conservation.

Wish You Were Here
By Monte Burke
Legendary musician Roger Waters finds thrills and solace on the flats.

Guiding the Way
Michael Adno
BTT honors Captain Paul Dixon, Andy Mill, Dr. Lloyd Wruble, Flip Pallot, and the late Captain Billy Knowles as they are inducted into the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Circle of Honor.

The Big Picture
By Chris Hunt
BTT is working to ensure a healthy future for the flats fishery by conserving and restoring vital nursery habitat in Florida and beyond. 

The Family Business
By T. Edward Nickense
The Denkerts and Blacks have made their mark on the Keys fishery and contributed to conservation. 

Proposed Development Threatens Turneffe Atoll
By Chris Santella
Opposition mounts to over-water development on Turneffe Atoll in Belize. 

A Billion-Dollar Water Infrastructure Revolution in the Keys
By Alexandra Marvar
The products of a two-decade, billion-dollar water treatment system overhaul in Monroe County, Florida may be hidden away underground, but the island chain’s conversion from septic systems to central sewer is giving water quality a visible boost.

BTT Launches Spawning Permit Monitoring Program
By Tom Keer
Concerns from Keys guides over declining permit numbers have led BTT to study permit spawning in the Florida Keys.


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