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Welcome BTT Youth Ambassador Julia Mason Bernstein

Welcome BTT Youth Ambassador Julia Mason Bernstein! The Miami 7th grader is well on her way to legendary angling prowess, with 20 IGFA world records already under her belt!

Julia’s favorite species to target are cobia, bonefish, and permit. Her mom was her first fishing instructor. As she got older, she began fishing with Captains Dale Bittner and Steve Impallomeni. “They have taught me a tremendous amount. I learn from them every time we go out.”

“To me as an angler, conservation means protecting fish populations and their ecosystem so that the next generation can learn to love fishing as much as I do,” Julia shares. Following proper catch-and-release techniques is one way she is working towards that aim. Another threat that she is deeply concerned about is commercial overfishing and bycatch. “Each year, an estimated 100 million sharks and rays are killed by fishing and bycatch, while shrimpers discard an estimated 4 lbs of finfish per pound of shrimp.” Julia researched and presented on the issue at school and wrote to her senator proposing a bill to reduce bycatch. “Sustainable fishing practices,” she says, “are important for both commercial and sport fishing.”

The Florida Keys are Julia’s favorite place to fish. “Together with BTT,” she says, “I will continue to raise awareness and take action to preserve our amazing ecosystem.”

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