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BTT & Anglers Coffee Announce Limited Edition Collaboration Benefiting Conservation

Angler’s Coffee and Bonefish & Tarpon Trust have brewed up something special for conservation-minded anglers! Just in time for tarpon season, Angler’s Coffee is releasing a delicious medium-dark roast blend with a percentage of the proceeds supporting BTT’s science-based conservation efforts. Each bag of premium coffee beans comes with a limited edition Miir Flip Traveler with artwork featuring the scales of the Silver King.

BTT and Angler’s Coffee are proud to join together in a coast-to-coast collaboration to power early morning fishing trips—and the conservation of the fisheries we love.

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust is a science-based non-profit organization focused on conserving bonefish, tarpon and permit—the species, their habitats and the larger fisheries they comprise. The organization, which pursues its mission through science-based conservation, education and advocacy, was founded in 1997 by grassroots volunteers seeking to reverse the declines they were witnessing in bonefish and tarpon populations in the Florida Keys. Today, BTT continues a comprehensive research and conservation program in the Keys and has expanded its work across the Caribbean basin to include staffed programs in The Bahamas, Belize and Mexico as well as grant-funded research projects in Cuba and other locations.

The Angler’s Coffee team are veterans of the coffee industry who call the Pacific Northwest home. For more than forty years they have been on the leading edge of coffee. Angler’s Coffee is located on Whidbey Island, in Washington state. Founder Joe Monaghan is both a master coffee roaster and an expert fly angler who cares deeply about the conservation of our natural resources.

The BTT x Anglers Coffee Coffee and Traveler is available for a limited time at anglerscoffee.com.

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