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Frontiers Travel Renews Support of BTT as a Bronze Partner  


BTT is pleased to announce that Frontiers Travel has renewed its support of BTT’s conservation mission as a Bronze Partner. Frontiers is a pioneering travel agency committed to delivering unparalleled experiences in outdoor adventures, catering to the desires of avid anglers, hunters, and explorers.

For over five decades, Frontiers has been dedicated to responsible travel and conservation. The agency’s expeditions are not just about the thrill of the chase or casting a line in pristine waters; they actively engage with local communities and conservation organizations in numerous research projects, conservation initiatives, and humanitarian aid efforts to protect the outdoor environment and the cultures where they operate.

As a leading travel agency creating bespoke experiences for clients at diverse destinations globally, Frontiers has been involved in developing some of the great sporting destinations that are now household names. These include saltwater fishing on Christmas and Alphonse Islands, salmon fishing in Iceland and Russia, and sea trout fishing and dove shooting in Argentina. The sporting travel world has undergone dramatic changes since Frontiers opened its doors in 1969, but the core need for sound, experienced advice remains as imperative as ever, if not more so.

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