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Introducing BTT Youth Ambassador Jack Walker

Jack Walker recently moved with his family to Palm Coast, Florida, where he is enjoying learning to target snook, tarpon, redfish, trout in his local waterways. “I have been learning my way around the area as there are countless canals and ponds of both salt and fresh water,” Jack shared. “I have also been fortunate enough to have experienced a wide spectrum of fisheries from the world-class smallmouth bass fishery in the St. Lawrence River at the New York/Canadian border all the way down to the tarpon and bonefish that live in the Florida Keys. I am grateful to have experienced such a diverse range of fishing opportunities.”

That gratitude translates into deep concern for the threats harming Florida’s fisheries, especially those caused by people. “Hyper salinity of estuaries, usage of fertilizers and pesticides, dumping of toxic waste and overfishing are just a few of the man-made problems that have threatened the natural course of our environment,” says Jack. “These ongoing occurrences will eventually deplete the amazing ecosystems in the state of Florida.”

Jack began to learn to fish from his father from the time he could hold a rod and reel. His favorite species to target are tarpon, peacock bass, and smallmouth bass. Besides fishing, he also enjoys journalism, agriculture, and carpentry.

Looking towards the future, Jack aspires to one day have a role in the conservation of the environment. “The ability to preserve our natural resources can allow our fisheries and ecosystems to be healthy for future generations to come, but in order to do this our generation needs to take initiative and cherish our natural resources,” he says. “It is essential that as anglers that we give our undivided attention to ecosystems and fisheries that are suffering.”

Learn more about BTT Youth Ambassadors and apply: btt.org/ambassadors

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