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Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Partners with Waypoint TV

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust has partnered with Silver Corporate Sponsor Waypoint TV, the leading destination for fishing and hunting content, to create a designated BTT streaming channel with on-demand options. The BTT channel is scheduled to launch this summer.

“BTT’s research and work on the front lines is incredibly important in the fight to protect and preserve the resources we hold so dearly,” said Builder Brock, Cofounder and CEO of Waypoint. “Waypoint is proud to follow their lead and to continue supporting their efforts—we encourage others to do the same.”

With deep roots in the outdoor industry, Waypoint is passionate about connecting their audience to the outdoors, constantly seeking new ways to do so and teaching others how to recreate responsibly. Through its popular TV channel and streaming apps, Waypoint now provides over 150 million viewers with free access to the nation’s top fishing and hunting shows, including Silver Kings, Flats Class, Guiding Flow, Saltwater Experience, Guidelines, Local Knowledge, Reel Animals, Into the Blue, Walker’s Cay and more, in addition to classics like Spanish Fly. Additionally, the Waypoint Podcast Network, which includes nearly 100 shows, brings together well-known personalities like April Vokey, Tom Rowland and CA Richardson to speak on a variety of topics ranging from fishing to cooking to conservation.

“We greatly appreciate Waypoint’s continued support of our conservation mission,” said Jim McDuffie, BTT’s President and CEO. “This partnership will enable our organization to reach new audiences in the outdoor space while inspiring both fly and conventional anglers to support our efforts to conserve the flats fishery for generations to come.”

About Waypoint TV

Waypoint TV is a modern media company building “the destination for outdoor entertainment” and reaching millions through its TV channel, streaming apps, podcast network, and web properties. Waypoint is on a mission to educate, equip, and empower a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts. Now there is no off-season. Visit waypointtv.com for more.

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