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BTT’s Statement on Florida Senate Bill 2508

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust is committed to America’s Everglades! And that commitment has never wavered.

Everglades restoration projects are critical for clean water and healthy fisheries, and the EAA Reservoir is an essential part of the plan to reduce harmful discharges from Lake Okeechobee. Equally important, it will restore the natural flow of much-needed fresh water south to Florida Bay, the heart of Florida’s multi-billion-dollar recreational fishery.

With partner organizations, BTT fought hard for passage of Senate Bill 10 in 2017 with calls to action, advocacy, and generous financial support to a coalition of like-minded organizations. Over the past five years, BTT has also supported every request for EAA Reservoir funding at state and federal levels.

Earlier this month, the Florida Senate introduced Senate Bill 2508. The bill raised important questions about Everglades restoration, including the prioritization and funding of the EAA Reservoir. BTT expressed concern about these questions in direct and sustained outreach to policy makers and partners in the days leading up to today’s Senate vote. An amendment to the bill filed by Senator Ben Albritton prior to passage clarified that the EAA Reservoir would not be affected.

This is a positive step forward and, based on the commitments expressed by the Senate today, we are confident that remaining issues will be resolved by the Legislature in a manner that will expedite Everglades restoration.

BTT is grateful for the record funding proposed in the Legislature’s budget for Everglades restoration and water quality, and thanks Governor DeSantis for his commitment to our state’s environment.

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