Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

Introducing BTT Youth Ambassador Michael Jacolow

BTT is excited to welcome our newest Youth Ambassador, Michael Jacolow, from Tampa, Florida. Michael is a young angler passionate about the conservation of natural resources. Growing up on the water, Michael has come to truly appreciate and value the ocean— especially the flats, reefs and local beaches in Boca Grande and Tampa.

He spends much of his time in the backcountry of Boca Grande poling and fishing from his family’s skiff. In fact, poling is one of his favorite things to do, he says, “because I get to take a closer look at the pinfish hiding in the grass, crabs running around and snook cruising around lazily.”

His favorite species to pursue are tarpon, snook and redfish; tarpon inspire his passion for conservation. Michael says, “Tarpon are one of the most vital natural recourses in Boca Grande; they support the livelihoods of so many guides and institutions on Boca Grande, and life there would be so much different without them.”

Michael is 10th grade student and when he isn’t fishing, he’s enjoys tying lots of flies, playing club and school soccer, surfing over the summer and during swells, and being an active member of his school’s Environmental Club.

Michael takes conservation and care of the environment seriously, sharing with BTT, “Sometimes I don’t even cast my fly at a fish, and instead just watch them go about their day. These experiences make me want to conserve the beautiful flats so that I’ll be able to fish there for the rest of my life.”

Welcome aboard, Michael!