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Three Events Not to Miss at the 7th BTT Symposium and Flats Expo

Photo: Justin Lewis

The International Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Science Symposium and Flats Expo was created to bring together internationally recognized marine scientists, resource managers, fishing guides, anglers, and educators to share information and learn from one another in order to advance flat fishery conservation. The mix of attendees and diversity of presentations and expert panels is unique and empowering and exemplifies the Symposium’s theme of Conservation Connections. The 2021 program, presented by Costa Del Mar, will include presentations on major research findings by BTT along with spin and fly casting clinics, fly tying clinics, panel discussions with top anglers and guides, art and photography, and a special banquet honoring those who have contributed to flats fishery conservation. Space is limited, so be sure to REGISTER for this special event today!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting Symposium panels, clinics, and social activities. You won’t want to miss these three!

Legends Panel

Attendees of the 6th International BTT Symposium remember an incredible Legends Panel that featured some of the most celebrated anglers in recent history. This year will be no different, as renowned anglers Stu Apte, Chico Fernandez, Steve Huff, Andy Mill, Sandy Moret, Rick Ruoff and Bouncer Smith return to share some of their favorite stories and tips. Joined this year by captains Gordy Hill and Bob Branham, the 2021 Symposium will feature the most exciting and insightful Legends Panel yet!

Drugs in Our Flats: Examining the Threat of Pharmaceuticals to Our Valuable Bonefish Fishery

Pharmaceuticals are an important dimension of water quality issues, and, until now, have received little attention despite being a critical threat to our fisheries. These contaminants originate most often from human wastewater, and exposure can affect all aspects of the behavior and reproductive habits of fish. In this panel, BTT Collaborating Scientist Dr. Jennifer S. Rehage will present the details behind the threat of pharmaceuticals to our flats fishery, with emphasis on their impacts on bonefish populations. The information shared in this session has massive implications for the future of our flats — stick around after the presentation to hear from collaborating scientist Dr. Jerker Fick of Sweden’s Umeå University about some possible solutions to this growing problem.

Power to the People: How Informed Advocacy can Fuel Grassroots Conservation Efforts for Flats Fisheries

Flats are at the intersection of land and sea, and home to many species we like to target as recreational anglers, including bonefish, tarpon, and permit. Unfortunately, these regions of the coastline are also subjected to a wide range of human disturbances. There are, however, ways for each of us to protect and conserve these marine habitats. BTT Research Fellow Dr. Andy Danylchuk’s presentation will focus on the importance of grassroots voluntary efforts founded on hard scientific evidence and how they have resulted in enhanced marine conservation. Attend to learn how you can help bring science to the fight in advocating for flats fishes and their habitats!

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