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New York Times bestselling author, Monte Burke, a longtime friend of BTT as well as a regular contributor to the Bonefish & Tarpon Journal and a member of the BTT Editorial Board, has written a new book about the glory days of tarpon fishing and the anglers who relentlessly pursued the world-record fish on fly. […]

Photo: Justin Lewis Mangroves make up a critical ecosystem found in tropical and subtropical regions. They are vital not only to marine species, but also to society, as mangroves prevent coastal erosion and blunt the damaging winds of hurricanes and tropical storms. In fact, according to recent studies, just 330 square feet of mangroves can […]

Photo: Captain Josh Greer People often mistakenly assume that environmental decline and the loss of fisheries that goes with it occur gradually. So if a problem is seen, like algae blooms or fish kills, we can use these events as warnings and correct the causes and all will be good. Sadly, this is not typically […]