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Bonefish & Tarpon Trust News

BTT applauds the Bahamas National Trust for its ongoing efforts to protect important marine habitats in The Bahamas. BNT and partner organizations recently submitted a white paper to the Bahamian Government that identifies 43 areas for protection by 2020. Conservation action by the government in these areas will ensure that The Bahamas achieves the ambitious […]

BTT has completed its multi-year Bonefish Genetics Study, the results of which provide scientific evidence that the bonefish population across the Caribbean is closely connected. The study, which launched in 2014, involved the collection of genetic samples from bonefish (Albula vulpes) in multiple locations spanning the region. With the assistance of anglers, guides, and partners, BTT surpassed […]

There are two ways that fish populations in different locations can be connected – by migrations of adults and by the transport of fish larvae by ocean currents. Learning how, and to what extent, bonefish, tarpon, and permit populations are connected is important for conservation because this information allows us to design the most effective […]

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