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Year: 2018

During a recent presentation to a fishing club, I talked about some of the threats to the flats fisheries in Belize and Mexico. In Belize, the newest trend among resort developers is building over-the-water walkways and cabins so that their guests can enjoy  an immersive experience with the ocean environment. The problem with such development […]

Big Sky Anglers, a full service fly shop and guide service based in West Yellowstone, Montana, has renewed its support of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust’s conservation efforts as a Bronze Corporate Sponsor.  “We are super excited to lend a hand in the conservation efforts led by BTT. We absolutely love what they are doing and our […]

Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge, a renowned fly-in only fishing operation in Northern Manitoba, has established its support of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust’s conservation efforts as a Silver Corporate Sponsor. “My passion has always been the flats and the species that make it so special,” said owner Ken Gangler. “Our dear friend and mentor Lefty Kreh thought […]

BTT applauds the Bahamas National Trust for its ongoing efforts to protect important marine habitats in The Bahamas. BNT and partner organizations recently submitted a white paper to the Bahamian Government that identifies 43 areas for protection by 2020. Conservation action by the government in these areas will ensure that The Bahamas achieves the ambitious […]

BTT has completed its multi-year Bonefish Genetics Study, the results of which provide scientific evidence that the bonefish population across the Caribbean is closely connected. The study, which launched in 2014, involved the collection of genetic samples from bonefish (Albula vulpes) in multiple locations spanning the region. With the assistance of anglers, guides, and partners, BTT surpassed […]

There are two ways that fish populations in different locations can be connected – by migrations of adults and by the transport of fish larvae by ocean currents. Learning how, and to what extent, bonefish, tarpon, and permit populations are connected is important for conservation because this information allows us to design the most effective […]

We are pleased to welcome Mike Glinton as the first Bahamian member of BTT’s Youth Ambassador Program, created to inspire and encourage the next generation of flats anglers and conservationists. When ten-year-old Mike isn’t fishing, he’s participating in school sports, including basketball and track and field, and serving as student body president at his school […]

Baker’s Cay Resort Key Largo, Curio Collection by Hilton, has become a Bronze Corporate Partner of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, helping to support BTT’s conservation efforts in Florida and across the Caribbean. “We are deeply focused on being conscious advocates of our ecological environment by implementing sustainable practices and aligning ourselves with like-minded organizations, such as Bonefish & […]

A BTT team recently joined colleagues from throughout the Caribbean at the MarCuba conference in Havana, Cuba. We were invited to attend the conference by Commodore Jose Miguel Diaz Eschrich of the Hemingway International Yacht Club of Havana. The Commodore attended BTT’s 2017 Symposium and found BTT’s work exciting and very applicable to ongoing research and conservation work […]

BTT began to acoustically tag tarpon in May 2016 in an effort to expand our knowledge of tarpon habitat use and movement at different life stages. We just received a noteworthy report of a tarpon detection from BTT’s Tarpon Acoustic Tagging Project, and it provides additional insight on tarpon movement. A 40-50 pound male tarpon (ID #15923) […]

Florida, a state that depends on water – fresh, estuarine and marine – for its economy and cultural identity more than most other states is in a dire situation of its own making. Decades of water and natural-resource mismanagement, recently accelerated, are coming home to roost. The current focus is on the red tide, classified […]

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, in partnership with Trout Unlimited, is pleased to announce the establishment of the Lefty Kreh Memorial Conservation Fund in memory of legendary angler and instructor Bernard “Lefty” Kreh. “Lefty made us all better fly casters and did so while keeping a smile on our faces,” said BTT President and Chief Executive […]

Dr. Aaron Adams. Photo: Rafeed Hussain Bonefish & Tarpon Trust was invited to participate in a special Capitol Hill Red Tide Briefing on September 27. Dr. Aaron Adams, BTT’s Director of Science and Conservation, spoke at length about the high likelihood that, although the organism that causes red tide is natural to the Gulf coast, human-introduced nutrients are […]

(Approximately 140-pound tarpon photographed by Capt. Tommy Locke outside Cayo Costa) Once again, Florida’s fisheries are suffering from the legacy of long-time mismanagement of Florida’s water resources. Southwest Florida is plagued by a red tide that is causing unprecedented kills of gamefish. Reports from those on the water estimate that tens of thousands of snook were killed – […]

BTT’s Bahamas Initiative is a nationwide collaborative effort to identify and conserve bonefish habitats and educate the public about the importance of the flats environment. Our conservation efforts expanded this year to include a mangrove creek restoration component, which seeks to reconnect fragmented mangrove creek systems and restore both tidal flow and fish passage. By […]

BTT’s educational tour made a pit stop on Andros island for the Bahamas National Trust’s (BNT) annual Eco-Camp. This year’s camp brought together 40 students from across 30 Bahamian islands interested in learning about their local environments. The camp curriculum dedicated a day to learning about flats habitat and their dependent species. BTT Bahamas Initiative […]

This summer, Bahamas Initiative Manager Justin Lewis and intern Nina Sanchez represented Bonefish & Tarpon Trust at the Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF) and Royal Bahamas Defense Force Marine Conservation Workshop, sponsored in part by BTT. The week-long workshop, held at the Royal Bahamas Defense Force base in Nassau, gave participants the opportunity to learn about […]

Three weeks ago, BTT was contacted by a group of concerned anglers regarding a development site in Tarpon Springs, FL that was inhabited by tarpon of all sizes. Most of these anglers had been fishing there for years, even decades. The water was being drained rapidly, which meant we had to act fast. After a […]

An article about BTT’s Tarpon Acoustic Tagging Project, generously sponsored by Maverick Boat Group, recently appeared in The Boca Beacon. It’s midnight. Do you know where your tarpon are? That’s a question that Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and its fearless tarpon taggers are working to answer. Last month marked Bonefish & Tarpon Trust’s third year of […]

Three representatives of BTT were recently in Xcalak, Mexico to talk about research and conservation with the anglers, guides and government representatives at the second annual Silver Scales Fishing Tournament. The BTT team consisted of Addiel Perez, who is a BTT collaborating scientist conducting bonefish tagging research out of ECOSUR research center, Dr. Aaron Adams, BTT’s Director […]

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