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Two More Tarpon Tagged in South Carolina

Two More Tarpon Tagged in South Carolina 

On the heels of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, UMass Amherst graduate student Lucas Griffin and BTT scientist JoEllen Wilson were able to continue the two tarpon per year acoustic tagging streak that started in 2016.  The first tarpon, estimated 40 lbs., was the smallest tagged by BTT in South Carolina. This size class still remains a mystery, which makes the potential movement data extremely valuable.  The largest tarpon was also tagged on this trip, weighing in at an estimated 90 lbs.  By utilizing the collaborative acoustic tagging network, we will receive data on when and where these fish move for the next 5 years.

This research is simply not possible without the help of local guides. Special thanks to Capts. Jordan Pate (@jordopate), J. R. Waits, and Newman Weaver (@kingfisherguide), and their anglers for the tremendous help in tagging these fish. (Photos: Capt. Jordan Pate)

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