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Bahamas Initiative Update

Bahamas Initiative Update

August 2017

The goal of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust in the Bahamas is to ensure that the flats fishery remains healthy. To achieve this goal, BTT has been working with guides, lodges, anglers, and many scientific and education collaborators to gather the information needed for effective conservation. This includes:

  • Identifying bonefish home range habitats, spawning migration pathways, and spawning locations so these habitats can be protected; this has already contributed to the creation of national parks on Grand Bahama and Abaco to protect bonefish habitats.
  • Educating guides and anglers about best practices for catch and release so that bonefish survive after being released.
  • Educating Bahamians about the importance of the fishery to the economy and culture.
  • Documenting the economic value of the flats fishery.
  • Working with guides and lodges to ensure their concerns are addressed by resource managers.

The information BTT gathers in the Bahamas is not only used in outreach and education efforts, it is provided to Bahamas National Trust, The Nature Conservancy, other non-profits, and Bahamas government resource management agencies for inclusion in conservation.

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