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BTT Tarpon Tracking Program - A Collaborative Effort

One of the things that makes the BTT Tarpon Tracking Program, sponsored by Maverick Boat Group, work is our ability to collaborate with other scientists. Many of our colleagues are using acoustic telemetry to track an array of marine animals - tripletail to cobia, sharks to sturgeon, redfish to turtles. If our tarpon swim past their acoustic receivers, they record our fish. When they download the data, they send it to us, which is how we are able to track tarpon from South Carolina to Florida to Texas. Our receivers pick up their tagged animals as well, and we also share the data. Our colleagues at South Carolina Department of Natural Resources recently shared a video showing what is involved in retrieving acoustic receivers to download data. It's worth a look just to see how much effort is required to get this important data. photo: Dr. Aaron Adams