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Year: 2012

The First Annual Cheeca Lodge All American Backcountry Fishing Tournament held November 9-11, 2012, was a noteworthy success, raising $1,500 for the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust.  Anglers from across the nation and England attended and posed for the “Class Photo” taken at the kick-off.  The All American drew 22 anglers and 16 of the top fishing guides […]

The saying “Some flies catch fish and some flies catch fishermen” definitely holds a certain amount of truth. Some flies are simply more enticing to the potential buyer than they are to the fish they were intended to catch. Tim Borski’s Borski Slider is an exception that looks good and fishes even better.  View all […]

When you’re out on the flats looking for bonefish, there are a few ‘stages’ that you go through, ranging from locating the fish to really reading how the fish is behaving.  We’ll outline these tips and hopefully it’ll help you catch more fish.  Read the tips on the Deneki blog.

The first episode of Buccaneers and Bones season 3 debuts January 7th on the Outdoor Channel, and shows will air each week at the following times: Tuesdays 11:30am Eastern Time Fridays  6:30am Eastern Time Saturdays  4:30pm Eastern Time Sundays 3:00pm Eastern Time

Fishermen tend to be fairly secretive when it comes to their prized fishing spots. However, roughly 40 Florida Keys backcountry fishing guides have come forward with information about their favorite fishing holes and participated in a study they hope will be good for the Keys’ most prized backcountry fish — tarpon, bonefish and permit. The […]

In 1947, Marjorie Stoneman Douglas wrote in her environmental classic, “The River of Grass.” In it, she states:  “There are no other Everglades in the world.  “They are, they always have been, one of the unique regions of the Earth, remote, never wholly known.” It was a testament to a change in perspective.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is considering creating new regulatory designations for recreational fisheries.  – Gamefish will be defined as species for which there would be no commercial harvest, possession, or sale; hook and line only; recreational harvest only (within season, size, and bag limits); zero bag limit for captain and crew of […]

On Wednesday, November 28, 2012 Jon Ain lost his courageous battle with cancer. Jon was passionate about life, family, friends and fishing, with a particular focus on his tireless pursuit of his Holy Grail, permit. Jon was a Permit Whisperer with a keen interest in the research of growing the knowledge of permit about which […]

After World War II, the brown tree snake was accidentally introduced into Guam from its native New Guinea and Australia. Within a few decades these snakes completely devastated the island’s bird life—causing the extinction of nine out of the 11 native species. Within the last few years, a similar threat posed by the introduction of […]

A love of natural materials kept me away from Krystal flash and other shiny stuff. I still sneak in a strand here or there on some patterns, but for big Hawaiian bonefish I try to stay close to the colors of nature, the colors of our flats.  Mantis patterns are among my favorite flies to tie.

Director Jarvis this week released the National Park Service Climate Change Action Plan. A companion document to the bureau’s Climate Change Response Strategy, the plan will guide park managers as they plan for and respond to climate change today and in the future. “Our goal with this plan is to a build flexible, coordinated capacity […]

It is with the most heartfelt sadness that we announce the untimely passing of BTT board member Dr. Jon Ain. Not only was Jon one of fly fishing’s top permit anglers, he was also their staunchest advocate in the world of conservation. Permit could not ask for a greater champion. His passion for permit fishing […]

Over on the Deneki blog there’s a great article on how to build a box full of bonefish flies you’ll have confidence in.  Headed to Andros South?  Find out what they recommend.

The first thing that struck me as the panga coasted to a stop was the clarity of the water and the health of the seagrass. It was a new-moon low tide, and a seagrass flat along the mangrove shoreline was exposed. But a slightly deeper channel cut through the flat, and connected the mangrove creek to […]

This educational short film and documentary preview, “Rich History…Priceless Future – the Tarpon of Boca Grande Pass” is presented by The Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce. It was written, produced and edited by Sean Paxton and Brooks Paxton II and made in the USA by Think Out Loud Productions. For more information about this […]

Measurements and Tagging Juvenile Tarpon On Saturday November 10, 155 juvenile tarpon were netted and 25 were large enough to be P.I.T. tagged.  To date a total of 42 juvenile tarpon have been tagged and 223 have been fin clipped for genetics testing. The biggest surprise on Saturday was by far Lemon Creek #1, previously only a single fish had been netted from […]

The Palometa Club has teamed with BTT in conducting permit research on the Yucatan. Join David Leake from Tailwaters Travel and Bonefish & Tarpon Trust board member, Jon Ain, for an enlightening week of fishing and science on Ascension Bay. Guests will enjoy educational evening seminars on facts and myths of permit, bonefish and tarpon throughout the […]

Nearly everyone agrees that the Florida Bay bonefishery has been in decline for a very long time, but took a steep dive in the past five years. A study published early this year by University of Miami bonefish researcher Mike Larkin and colleagues found the bonefish stock from Biscayne Bay through Key West is “bordering […]

Congratulations to Dave Decker of Jackson, Wyoming, winner of the special edition Orvis Helios 2 logoed Bonefish & Tarpon Trust 8 weight fly rod.  In November, new members will be entered to win a handpainted Bonefish money clip provided by M-Clip.  All new members joining at the $50 level are also entered to win an end of year […]

El Pescador Resort in Ambergris Caye, Belize will hold the 2nd Annual Grand Slam Tagging Invitational Wednesday, Jan 23– Sunday, Jan 27, 2013 with proceeds to benefit BTT.  El Pescador will donate $250 (US) for every paying angler entering the 2nd Annual Grand Slam Tagging Invitational to benefit BTT.  The total sum raised will be […]

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