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Roger Fowler

Artist of the Year for 2024
Redfish .24


Redfish .24



About the Artist

Roger Fowler has been named Bonefish & Tarpon Trust’s 2024 Artist of the Year. His bronze sculpture Redfish .24 will be available in Copley’s Winter Sale 2024, held in February, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting BTT. Each year since 2011, Copley Fine Art Auctions has sold a new work by BTT’s Artist of the Year in support of the organization.

“I got to know Roger about five years ago when he called out of the blue, commenting on what a wonderful job BTT was doing for the fishery and, more importantly, for the environment,” said Bill Legg, who chairs the Artist of the Year Selection Committee. “I looked him up online and was really impressed with the lifelike quality of this work. I bought one of his tarpon heads and was even more impressed by the workmanship. Roger came back to me and asked what he could do to help the cause and has since donated several pieces to our auctions. His donation as our 2024 Artist of the Year is a terrific redfish.”

Born in Texas, Fowler grew up fly-fishing on the Taylor River in Colorado during his summers. After graduating from college and joining the workforce, Fowler, dissatisfied with the sculptures he saw in galleries, decided in the early 1990s to try his hand at creating lifelike fish that capture and reflect light. “I think there is something magical about the appearance of a fish seen up close,” said Fowler. “No creature on earth has such an interesting combination of complex colors, and many look like they are illuminated from within when they are seen in direct sunlight.”

Fowler works primarily with polished stainless steel or polished bronze. He uses a transparent patina that allows the polished metal to reflect light back through the color to give the sculpture its lifelike appearance. He seals each piece with a clear coating designed specifically for outdoor sculptures. The molds of his original carvings are made by his wife and partner, Cathy, who also creates angels in bronze.

“Being chosen as the Artist of the Year by BTT is the greatest single honor of my career,” said Fowler. “I’m very grateful.”

Roger Fowler, BTT Artist of the Year 2024