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Kent Ullberg

Artist of the Year for 2016


Silver Ghosts


Sculpture (stainless steel)

About the Artist

50% of the proceeds from the sale of Kent Ullberg’s sculpture, Silver Ghosts, will go directly to BTT. Copley Fine Art Auctions’ Winter Sale 2016 will take place February 12 in Charleston, SC. To bid on Kent Ullberg’s Silver Ghosts, come to the sale or contact Copley at 617.536.0030 or by email (info@copleyart.com) to register for an absentee or telephone bid. Internet bidding is also available through Bidsquare, and more information can be found at copleyart.com.

Kent Ullberg has been a fisherman all his life, from his childhood in a remote fishing village on Sweden’s Atlantic coast to his current home by the Gulf of Mexico on Padre Island, TX. Over the years he’s had the privilege of exploring fishing and diving grounds such as Cocos Island, Panama, the Great Barrier Reef amongst others, with his good friend Dr. Guy Harvey. Ullberg states:”I will always be attracted to the sea, both as a fisherman and an artist; of all the works I have created at least half of them are marine related.”

Amongst a number of other impressive works, Ullberg created “SAILFISH IN THREE STAGES OF ASCENDING “, the marine conservation monument in front of the Broward Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL. In 1998 he was chosen to sculpt “SWORD DANCE”, the stainless steel signature monument greeting visitors at the IGFA Headquarter’s entrance in Dania Beach.

But not all of his work is monumental: sculptures run the gamut from monumental to miniature and are executed in both bronze and stainless steel. They are highly regarded for their scientific accuracy and impeccable craftsmanship. Many distinguished IGFA world record holders are proud owners of Ullberg trophies. He takes special pride in providing museum quality art into the world of his favorite sport.

Ullberg is a member of the University of Texas Marine Science Institute Advisory Board and a major contributor to many wildlife conservation efforts.