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The Role of Science in Managing U.S. Fisheries

Although BTT doesn't delve into the nuts and bolts of federal fisheries management policy and law, as a science-based conservation organization we know that science must be at the core of good management. Without strong science, effective management is difficult. It's the scientific approach that has helped BTT improve regulations for bonefish, tarpon, and permit in Florida, and contribute to the creation of habitat-protecting national parks in the Bahamas. So we understand the importance of supporting science throughout the world of fish and habitat conservation and management. This article, "How Important is the Role of Science in Managing U.S. Fisheries?" from the Environmental Defense Fund gives a good overview of how essential science is to fisheries management. (Photo: Tosh Brown)

Click here to read the article: How Important is the Role of Science in Managing U.S. Fisheries?