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BTT’s 7th International Science Symposium & Flats Expo Highlights

Photo: Andrew Luedke

BTT’s International Science Symposium and Flats Expo was created to bring together internationally recognized marine scientists, resource managers, fishing guides, anglers, and educators to share information and learn from one another in order to advance flat fishery conservation. The mix of attendees and diversity of presentations and expert panels is unique and empowering and exemplifies the Symposium’s theme of Conservation Connections. The 2021 program, presented by Costa Sunglasses, will include presentations on major research findings by BTT along with spin and fly casting clinics, fly tying clinics, panel discussions with top anglers and guides, art and photography, and a special banquet honoring Sandy Moret, Chico Fernandez, and Dr. Andy Danylchuk for their many contributions to flats fishery conservation. Space is limited, so be sure to REGISTER for this special event today!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting Symposium panels, clinics, and social activities. You won’t want to miss these three!

Mapping Hurricane Dorian’s impact on the mangrove forests of Grand Bahama and Abaco

Dr. Jordan R. Cissell

When Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas in September of 2019, essential mangrove forests on Grand Bahama Island and the Abaco Islands were destroyed, disrupting important ecological and economic functions. Before BTT could begin work to restore these areas, it was imperative that there was a solid understanding of where and how much mangrove destruction occurred. In this session, Dr. Cissell will overview the field surveys and satellite imagery analysis used to map and quantify the impact of Hurricane Dorian on mangrove forests of the Northern Bahamas. If you’ve been following the progress of BTT’s Northern Bahamas Mangrove Restoration Project, this will be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the science that helped to lay the groundwork for the project.

Tarpon Panel

Are you a passionate tarpon angler looking to fine-tune your skills?  Look no further than the Tarpon Panel, featuring champions Andy Mill, Capt. Tommy Locke, and BTT board member Jay Robertson, among many others. These renowned anglers will share their best fishing tips, techniques, and strategies to ensure a successful day on the water. Join us to learn more about fishing for the Silver King!

Crossing the Line: How multi-year trends in the movement patterns of Atlantic tarpon indicate the need for cooperative management in the Southeastern USA and Gulf of Mexico

Dr. Luke P. Griffin

Within the Gulf of Mexico and southeastern United States, Atlantic tarpon are emblematic of the mismatch between the spatial ecology and the management of migratory species. Relatively little is known about this purely recreational species that contributes to a fishery worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Dr. Griffin’s session will report on the ongoing Tarpon Acoustic Tagging Project spanning the Gulf of Mexico and southeastern United States that began in 2016. He’ll present novel findings surrounding the seasonal migration and occupancy patterns within the Gulf and Southeast, including the timing of arrivals and departures in different regions. Dr. Griffin will also highlight the importance of integrating movement data into management and how this helps to reduce risks placed on tarpon stock from impacts such as habitat destruction, depredation, harvest and declines in important foraging prey stocks.

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