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This is a brief reminder to support Cheeky Fly Fishing’s March Madness benefiting BTT. For more information and to enter visit: http://Users/trogers/Documents/02 websites/Bonefish Tarpon Trust WP.cheekyflyfishing.com/marchmadness.  All brackets are due March 11th by 5 p.m.!   

Got College Basketball March Madness fever?  Cheeky Fly Fishing is back for the second straight year with the ultimate tournament of sport fish to benefit the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.  Thirty-two fish have been seeded in a bracket, but only one will be crowned champion based on your votes.  Fill out brackets by selecting which fish […]

Sometimes the best fishing is in uncomfortable settings. Our prey often seeks refuge in difficult to reach areas, areas fishermen eagerly expend high energy to access due to the potential for high returns. This is the sort of location I found myself in during a recent research trip to Puerto Rico: an overgrown, mosquito-infested mangrove […]

Tarpon DNA Collection

February 21, 2012

“We want to see where tarpon are coming from, where their nursery habitat is, where their coastal habitats are at various stages in life, where they might need to be protected,” Guindon said. “We’re getting an idea of the distribution of the fish. When people think of tarpon, they think, oh, the Keys and Boca […]

Flip Pallot: A Life in Fishing

February 17, 2012

I started fishing in brackish canals near my home in south Florida and at the edge of the Everglades where my Mom would drop me off in the mornings and pick me up later in the day. The deal was that I absolutely HAD to be at the pickup spot or wouldn’t be allowed to […]

The International Game Fish Association — the Dania Beach-based organization that certifies world records and operates a fishing museum and the Fishing Hall of Fame — recently produced a new set of release rules to encourage all-release fishing tournaments.  The IGFA believes clear rules on all-release fishing will encourage all-release touraments for other species and […]

Tarpon Master App

February 14, 2012

Download the Tarpon Master App for your iPhone today so you can help assist the Southeastern Wildlife Conservation Group with data collection in support of Tarpon Research along the Alabama and Mississippi Gulf Coasts.  Tarpon Master includes Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Tarpon weight calculator and allows you to capture the following information on your Tarpon catches […]

The Everglades Foundation is asking for your help in getting funding restored for the Everglades.  The Florida Senate recently proposed a budget that ELIMINATES funding for critical Everglades Restoration projects. This will negatively impact recreational fishing and fish habitats in the Everglades, Florida Bay, the Florida Keys, and even the east and west coasts of […]

BTT Featured in Boca Beacon

February 13, 2012

View this article to see how BTT plans to improve the tarpon population near Boca Grande, FL. http://Users/trogers/Documents/02 websites/Bonefish Tarpon Trust WP.bocabeacon.com/news/featured-news/4323-bonefish-trust-busy-on…


February 13, 2012

Looking to snag some BTT swag?  Now’s your chance! All you need to do is email us the correct answer to a question about the Buccaneers and Bones season 1 clip and you are in!   First, watch the video:  http://Users/trogers/Documents/02 websites/Bonefish Tarpon Trust WP.youtube.com/watch?v=tgJzcLD-BS4 Then, email the number of casts Tom Brokaw makes before […]