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BTT to Begin New Permit Tagging Program in Belize

In a previous post we announced the development of BTT’s strategic plan for Belize and Mexico, which is comprised of three components: science, education and conservation. The science component (tagging and habitat mapping) will generate information. The education component will be used to inform diverse sectors (flats fishing communities, education, management and conservation) through materials and outreach, including brochures, videos, talks and workshops. Together the science and education components will lead to improvements in conservation and management.

One of BTT’s primary goals for 2020 is to engage the flats fishing communities in the scientific research and education. This goal will first be pursued in northern Belize through a science and education program. In March 2020, Dr. Addiel Perez, BTT Belize-Mexico Program Coordinator, will begin a permit tagging program as part of the research component. Through this program, anglers and guides will have the opportunity to contribute to conservation by participating in a tagging week. In addition, BTT scientists will give daily progress updates as part of regular presentations. BTT has previously used tagging (also know as mark-recapture) to document movements of bonefish in Belize, Mexico, the Bahamas, and Florida, and permit in Florida and Mexico. The results from these projects has helped improve conservation measures.

BTT is working with many lodges and independent guides, and plans to collaborate with more partners in the near future. BTT invites anglers to support this permit research effort by participating in the science and education program hosted by The Blue Bonefish March 7 – 14, 2020. Space is limited, so contact The Blue Bonefish today to reserve your spot.

Photo: Dr. Aaron Adams



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