Bonefish Pre-Spawn School Filmed in The Bahamas

Scientists from Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute were recently on a research trip to study spawning bonefish as part of the Bonefish Reproductive Study. This drone video shows a pre-spawning school of bonefish before they move offshore at night to spawn. Note the many sharks around the school of bonefish. This is a good reminder for anglers to resist the temptation to fish these pre-spawn schools. If a hooked bonefish isn’t eaten by a shark before it is landed, it certainly will be upon release.

A separate research collaboration with Florida International University scientists found that spawning permit schools also suffered from fishing. An average of 39% of permit hooked from a spawning school were eaten by sharks before they could be landed.

Help protect the future of the flats fisheries, don’t fish the spawning schools. They’ll be back on the flats soon enough.

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