It’s midnight: Do you know where your tarpon are? | Bonefish & Tarpon Trust
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It’s midnight: Do you know where your tarpon are?

An article about BTT’s Tarpon Acoustic Tagging Project, generously sponsored by Maverick Boat Group, recently appeared in The Boca Beacon.

It’s midnight. Do you know where your tarpon are? That’s a question that Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and its fearless tarpon taggers are working to answer. Last month marked Bonefish & Tarpon Trust’s third year of tarpon acoustic tagging, generously sponsored by Maverick Boat Group. Earlier this year, with the help of a generous network of guides and anglers, BTT’s tagging team tagged eight tarpon ranging from 60 to 105 pounds in two days.

A different tarpon tagged two years ago in Pine Island Sound was detected later that year near Cape Canaveral, then wintered in the Everglades, and spent some time in the Florida Keys before returning to Charlotte Harbor earlier this year. Time will tell if the eight tarpon tagged this year will travel as widely, and if they will again return to Charlotte Harbor. Since the tags are active for five years, by the end of the study BTT should have and plenty of information on tarpon travels. BTT has tagged approximately 100 tarpon since inception of this project.

Click here to read the rest of the article. (Photo: Dr. Aaron Adams)