Upcoming Seminar: Connecting the Dots with Acoustic Telemetry | Bonefish & Tarpon Trust
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Upcoming Seminar: Connecting the Dots with Acoustic Telemetry

Connecting the Dots with Acoustic Telemetry: A Promising Approach to Track Highly Migratory Atlantic Tarpon Across the Gulf of Mexico and Western Atlantic

On Friday, September 22, Lucas Griffin (University of Massachusetts Amherst and Bonefish & Tarpon Trust) will hold a seminar at the College of Charleston. He will be focusing on the importance of the acoustic networks with a strong focus on tarpon. Understanding migratory behaviors across a population is required to fill large gaps of knowledge in a species life history and to improve conservation management plans. However, monitoring marine migratory species over life stages and for extended periods of times have been difficult to achieve. Griffin will explore acoustic telemetry’s capability to overcome these challenges to monitor a highly migratory species, Atlantic tarpon (Megalops atlanticus), and its relevance to conservation applications. Given the economic importance of the Atlantic tarpon fishery across regions (e.g., Texas, Florida, South Carolina), a better understanding of tarpon movements and habitat use across life history stages is needed to develop and implement a strong tarpon management plan. (photo: Tosh Brown)

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