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Recreational Fishing Survey

In July 2017, recreational fisheries scientists and managers will meet in Victoria, Canada, to share stories and information to advance the management and conservation of recreational fisheries. We hope to use this opportunity to develop a set of questions that will help guide research into the state and future of both marine and freshwater recreational fisheries from the perspectives of scientists, managers, anglers, and other stakeholders interested in sustainable recreational fisheries.

We have prepared a brief form to solicit ideas that we hope will be shared widely with a broad audience of different stakeholders in hopes of collecting information on pressing questions that scientists can use to guide their research in coming years. This is an opportunity to play a key part in shaping the future of recreational fisheries and we will use the data to develop a set of questions in an exercise similar to exercises such as that by Sutherland et al. (2013; http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/…/10.11…/1365-2745.12025/full), which developed 100 questions for ecologists.

The link to the form is below. We hope that you will share your perspectives with us and will help us by distributing the form to anyone within your network with an interest in recreational fisheries. (Photo: Dan Decibel)