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Bahamas Prime Minister says he would reject $2B China fishing proposal

According to reports, Bahamas Prime Minister Perry Christie has emphatically declared that his government would not approve the $2.1 billion proposal to grant China extensive fishing rights in the Bahamas, a proposal which has been greeted with strong opposition from environmental groups and Bahamas citizens alike.

“The government of the Bahamas did not agree to any such proposition,” Christie told the House of Assembly yesterday, “did not consider any such proposition, it did not come before the government as a proposal, and it would not have reached the government because it would have been rejected outright.”

Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Alfred Grey – who has recently been under fire for proposed “draconian” regulations to the flats fisheries in the Bahamas – admits that he gave the Bahamas Ambassador to China the go-ahead to explore such a proposal, and that it was leaked to the media.

Minister Gray had this to say: “A minister in association with anyone could explore opportunities for the Bahamas but he has to bring that as a proposal to his colleagues, who will make a determination as to whether they would agree,” the Prime Minister added. “That’s my side, that’s their side (Opposition), that’s how constitutional government works and my government would not have agreed to that in any event.”

 Experts agree that such a partnership with China would lead to the destruction of the Bahamas fisheries over the 10 year time period that was discussed. Hopefully the matter has been put to bed. It appears we can all rest easy for now.

Read the full article from Tribune 242.

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