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Join BTT at Mangrove Cay Club November 13-19!

Justin Lewis, Bonefish and Tarpon Trust’s Bahamas Initiative Manager, will be at Mangrove Cay Club’s from November 13 to November 19. Justin will be continuing his research on Andros’ bonefish, their habitat, and their behavior.  Take advantage of this rare opportunity to spend a week with one of the world’s leading bonefish scientists in one of the best fisheries in the world!  As part of its ongoing commitment to BTT, Sweetwater and Mangrove Cay Club will donate ten percent of the trip cost to BTT.  For more information on the Mangrove Cay Club project, please click here.

The fall season begins in the middle of October and offers stable weather and good tidal pushes of water up on the flats that many of our anglers consider to be some of the best fishing of the year. Andros Island, the largest of The Bahama Islands, is actually several islands of which there are three main inhabited islands: North Andros, South Andros and Mangrove Cay. Mangrove Cay is in between North Andros and South Andros and is surrounded by the waters of the Bights, wide and meandering waterways that bisect Andros from east to west. The Bights, known as the North, Middle and South Bight are themselves dotted with countless uninhabited cays and islets with shallow shores. One huge flat on the West Side of Andros Island “The Land of the Giants” has incredible numbers of very large fish can be found here on a consistent basis.

We hope you can join us! Click here to email Dan Vermillion for information on the week with BTT in November. Space is limited!