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BTT Deploys First Tarpon Acoustic Tags!

image2In partnership with UMass Amherst and Carleton University, BTT has officially launched The Atlantic Tarpon Acoustic Tagging Project by tagging its first two fish in the Lower Florida Keys! Two acoustic tags were placed in tarpon this week by BTT contributing scientists Lucas Griffin from UMass Amherst and Jake Brownscombe from Carleton University.

These data on Atlantic Tarpon movement patterns and habitat use will be used to improve conservation efforts. Through this project, we aim to uncover the connectivity between various regions of the western Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico; if tarpon use the same spawning sites each year; if changes to freshwater flows into coastal areas including the Florida Everglades, Apalachicola, St. Lucie River, Caloosahatchee River, and Indian River Lagoon influence tarpon movements; and determine the movement patterns and habitat use of tarpon. This information is essential to protect the future of the fishery. Learn more about the project and how you can get involved by helping us tag fish or sponsoring a tag here.

image1-5Thanks to Capt. Travis Holeman and Capt. Bear Holeman for putting on us on the fish and Neil Rojas from Cudjoe Sales Fishermen’s Warehouse for hooking us up with the right tackle to catch them!