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Mark Goodwin - Flats Slam Buckle


Mark Goodwin is an internationally recognized award winning sculptor and fabricator of artisan belt buckles. He uses hand tools and traditional jewelry methods to make each buckle, one at a time, in his Apalachicola studio on the Forgotten Coast of Florida. It has been hallmarked and signed by Mark.

Five recycled metals (bronze, pewter, copper, brass, nickel) are joined with 4 different solders. Designs often include gemstones, bone, shell, and other materials. Each buckle has a diameter of 2.25 inches.

Don't Forget the Belt!

The buckle is shown with a belt for illustration purposes. If you need a belt, we have the finest USA leather belts (only $50) that are the perfect partner for this buckle.

Get a Leather Belt

*Please allow 1 to 4 weeks for crafting and delivery.