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Mangrove Restoration Cocktail 2024

Mark your calendars for January 25, 2024, because something truly remarkable is happening at the Sailfish Club of Florida in Palm Beach! Please join us for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres as we share the incredible progress we’ve made in the Bahamas Mangrove Restoration Project.

Since our last gathering, we’ve planted 30,000 mangroves in Abaco and Grand Bahama, bringing our grand total to an astonishing 60,000 mangroves! But that’s not all – we’ve joined forces with like-minded NGOs to form the Bahamas Mangrove Alliance, a coalition led by BTT, committed to restoring and conserving mangroves on a massive scale. Our ambitious goal? Planting one million trees by 2025 while championing new conservation policies throughout The Bahamas.

Our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. We’ve engaged with local students, fishing guides, dedicated stakeholders, and even veterans from Project Healing Waters, forging deeper connections to these vital mangrove habitats. None of this would have been possible without your unwavering support, which has allowed BTT to restore vital bonefish and wildlife habitat and improve coastal resilience for local communities.

Join us for an evening of celebration and reflection, where we’ll raise a toast to your incredible contributions and the bright future of our mangrove restoration efforts. Let’s come together to make a difference and ensure a thriving ecosystem for generations to come. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable event – see you on January 25!

Please note that we are limited to the first 100 registrants, so secure your spot today!

Hosted by:

Jay Cochran, Tony Cummings, Jay Dewing, and MANG


Sailfish Club of Florida
1338 N Lake Way, Palm Beach, FL 33480
Date: January 25, 2024
Time: 6:00 pm
Main Bar

  • $10,000 Mangrove Sponsor:
    • This sponsorship covers the cost for construction, and maintenance of a mangrove nursery on Grand Bahama or Abaco.
  • $5,000: Silver King Sponsor:
    • This sponsorship covers the costs for collection of mangrove propagules from islands not impacted by Hurricane Dorian. These propagules will be grown in the nurseries and used for future restoration plantings.
  • $2,500: Permit Patron:
    • This sponsorship covers the costs for education and outreach to Bahamians on the importance of mangroves for the country.
  • $1,000: Grey Ghost Sponsor:
    • This sponsorship will support the planting of 30 mangroves.

Register Here:

For more Info contact BTT: (786) 618-9479 or mark@bonefishtarpontrust.org


In September 2019, Category 5 Hurricane Dorian tore through the Northern Bahamas, leveling the islands of Grand Bahama and Abaco. The worst natural disaster in the nation’s history, Dorian had a devastating impact on the islands’ red mangrove forests, which serve as a buffer against storms, prevent coastal erosion, and provide important habitat for bonefish and many other species. Bonefish have drawn anglers to the northern Bahamas since the 1950s and are protected under catch-and-release regulations due to their economic significance; bonefishing generates $169 million annually for the Bahamian economy.

To ensure that the flats fishery fully recovers from the damage inflicted by Dorian, BTT has partnered with Bahamas National Trust (BNT)Friends of the Environment (based in Abaco), and MANG Gear to replant 100,000 mangroves in the hardest hit areas. This large-scale, multi-year project, the first of its kind in the country, is targeting Abaco, Grand Bahama and surrounding cays.

The mangroves are planted with the help of students, volunteers, and Bahamian fishing guides, whose livelihoods are supported by the flats fishery. This unprecedented project will help nature heal while also providing a means for the fishing community to get back on its feet. Multiple mangroves nurseries have been established on Grand Bahama and Abaco, and to date 60,000 trees have been planted.