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Bonefish Research

For decades, it was assumed that since the recreational bonefish fishery was primarily catch and release, conservation and management weren’t needed.  As we learn more about bonefish and the fisheries they support, however, we now know that this assumption was not valid.  Research by BTT collaborators, for example, has revealed that the way that anglers handle bonefish can significantly influence the survival rate of bonefish after release.  With this information we can now focus on angler education to ensure that catch and release is a valid conservation tool for sustainable bonefish fisheries.

It is also now apparent that the habitat loss and degradation, as well as illegal harvest, constitute real and potential threats to bonefish populations and the fisheries they support.  This is why BTT supports research to identify key juvenile habitats and spawning locations so that efforts to protect these critical habitats and locations can be initiated.  Similarly, tagging studies help to identify habitats essential to adult bonefish, again informing habitat conservation.  BTT will continue to assess the status of knowledge for bonefish as well as threats, and fund needed research, conservation, and education projects.

A Summary of the Bonefish Life Cycle.

Ongoing Projects

Bonefish Genetics Program

Juvenile Bonefish Habitats

Bonefish Movements

Bonefish Growth Rates

Spawning Site Identification

Archive of Bonefish Research

Studies Receiving BTT Support

Movements and site fidelity of the bonefish, Albula vulpes in the northern Florida Keys determined by acoustic telemetry.  Email bob@bonefishtarpontrust.org for PDF

Behavior and mortality of caught-and-released bonefish (Albula spp.) in Bahamian waters with implications for a sustainable recreational fishery. Download PDF

Rethinking the status of Albula spp. biology in the Caribbean and western Atlantic. Download PDF

Effects of recreational angling on the post-release behavior and predation of bonefish (Albula vulpes): The role of equilibrium status at the time of release. Download PDF

The effects of using supplemental oxygen for retention of bonefish in tournaments.  Download PDF

The economic impact of flats fishing in The Bahamas.  Download PDF

An evaluation of the injury and short-term survival of bonefish (Albula spp.) as influenced by a mechanical lip-gripping device used by recreational anglers. Download PDF

Effects of different capture techniques on the physiological condition of bonefish Albula vulpes evaluated using field diagnostic tools. Download PDF

Aggregations and offshore movements as indicators of spawning activity of bonefish (Albula vulpes) in The Bahamas. Download PDF

Movements and site fidelity of the bonefish Albula vulpes in the northern Florida Keys determined by acoustic telemetry.

Strategies for the capture and transport of bonefish, Albula vulpes, from tidal creeks to a marine research laboratory for long-term holding.  Download PDF

Estimates of field activity and metabolic rates of bonefish (Albula vulpes) in coastal marine habitats using acoustic tri-axial accelerometer transmitters and intermittent-flow respirometry.  Download PDF

Seasonal energetics and condition of bonefish from different subtropical tidal creeks in Eleuthera, the Bahamas.  Download PDF

Thermal biology of bonefish (Albula vulpes) in Bahamian coastal waters and tidal creeks: An integrated laboratory and field study. Download PDF

Physiological disturbance and recovery dynamics of bonefish (Albula vulpes), a tropical marine fish, in response to variable exercise and exposure to air. Download PDF

Identification of a novel member in the family Albulidae (bonefishes). Download PDF

Impacts of dissolved oxygen on the behavior and physiology of bonefish: Implications for live-release angling tournaments.  Download PDF

General Archive of Research Articles

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