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A juvenile tarpon in Southwest Florida. Photo: John Rohan Florida’s coastal shorelines are changing daily with development, nutrient runoff and altered waterflows, impacting sensitive tarpon nursery habitats. Juvenile tarpon rely on tidal mangrove creeks and other backcountry habitats that are not sufficiently protected. To prevent the further decline of Florida’s tarpon fishery, a major driver of […]

A Florida Keys bonefish tagged and released. Photo: Ian Wilson Bonefish & Tarpon Trust scientists are utilizing the latest technology and the historical knowledge of veteran guides to locate important bonefish spawning sites in the Florida Keys. Finding these nearshore areas where bonefish school by the thousands before migrating offshore to spawn in deep water […]

POSITION DESCRIPTION Social Media Coordinator Our Organization Bonefish & Tarpon Trust is dedicated to the conservation of bonefish, tarpon and permit—the species, their habitats, and the larger fisheries they comprise. We pursue this mission through science-based conservation initiatives, advocacy and education across the Caribbean Basin, from the Bahamas to the Yucatán, in the Gulf of […]