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As we enter the next decade, it has become increasingly clear that we must bring a hasty end to the Plastic Age. Though plastic has enabled us to make economic and technological progress, its impact on the natural world has been devastating. Over the course of its 100-plus-year existence, plastics have invaded nearly every crevice […]

With the knowledge that recycling isn’t actually getting recycled, what are our options? Properly cleaning out our plastics to recycle them could do more harm to the environment than good. Think about how much water it takes to completely clean out a jar of peanut butter (I mean spotless), and hot water uses fossil fuels […]

We can all agree that one of the most negative consequences of the Plastic Crisis is its impact on our oceans, but how does it get there in the first place?  When we recycle items or put them in the trash, we assume that they makes it to a landfill or recycling center.  That’s where […]

It can be found everywhere — from kitchens to emergency rooms to whale stomachs, plastic has become a part of almost every aspect of our lives. Our mass production of plastic has grown exponentially, and so has the amount of plastic pollution on our planet. Plastic now overwhelms oceans, landfills, and recycling plants across the globe.  Every […]