Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

Artist of the Year » 2013

Brett James Smith

Title Bone Try

Medium Oil on linen

Dimensions 16" x 20"

About the Artist

Born in 1958, Brett began his career in art as an illustrator working with his New York agents on assignments for books, magazines and advertising art. Twenty years ago he turned to easel painting, chronicling his outdoor experiences in sporting art. His work is now widely sought by sportsmen and western art collectors.

Working in oils, transparent watercolors and etching, Brett’s art has a nostalgic, timeless appeal that’s become his trademark. Eight years ago he moved to a summer studio in northwest Montana where he immersed himself in the history and culture of the Rocky Mountain West. His subject matter expanded to include Native Americans and the adventurous characters who populated the West.

“Ideas are what make interesting, unique paintings,” says Brett. “Only so many ideas exist within the confines of contemporary activities such as sporting subjects, wildlife and landscape painting. But when you mix the historical culture of outdoorsmen and the magnificent landscapes of the places where they recreate, ideas become limitless.”