Research Collaborators

Research Collaborators are part of BTT's makeup. Research collaborations are how so much is accomplished with our limited budget. All of our Research Collaborators bring a lot to the table, from expertise and manpower to fundraising help and outreach. We collaborate with the best scientists in the world. Our collaborators (and their BTT species of focus) are listed below.


  • Mote Marine Lab (bonefish, tarpon, permit)
  • Carleton University (bonefish)
    • Dr. Steve Cooke
    • Karen Murchie
    • web site
  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
  • Cape Eleuthera Institute, University of Massachusetts (bonefish)
  • Florida International University (bonefish)
  • University of Hawaii (bonefish)
    • Dr. Alan Friedlander -
    • Kim Harding -
    • web site
  • University of Illinois (bonefish)
  • University of Florida (permit)
  • University of Texas
  • University of Alabama (flats habitat mapping, Belize)
    • Dr. Mike Steinberg -
    • web site