Meet the Newest Addition to the BTT Team!

 BTT's Hell's Bay Whipray, generously donated by our friends at Hell's Bay Boatworks! We are incredibly grateful for their gift, which has enabled us to expand our on the water research efforts as our programs expand. The boat has had a busy couple of months, from helping us acoustic tag our first permit in the Lower Keys to aiding us in our bonefish genetics work. Over the next few months, we will be out on the water acoustically tagging tarpon and permit in different parts of Florida. Thank you to Hell's Bay, and stay tuned to our blog and social media for stories from the flats aboard our awesome new skiff!

BTT's Fix Our Water Initiative

 Healthy Habitats = Healthy Fisheries

FixOurWater SocialTo engage recreational anglers and the fishing industry in efforts to expedite revision of Florida’s water management practices.

To immediately begin restoration of the Florida Everglades by fast-tracking the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP), purchasing land to store and clean freshwater, and implement policies that restore healthy freshwater flows into all coastal Florida estuaries.


Click here for more info and to contact your elected representatives.


BTT at Fly Fishing Retailer show

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust will be at the Fly Fishing Retailer show in Denver, September 10-12, 2009.  BTT’s Executive Director, Aaron Adams, will also be giving a presentation in the Environmental Room on Friday morning and afternoon. In addition to the usual information on the latest research findings and conservation initiatives, there will also be new footage from the upcoming fishing TV series – Pirates of the Flats. We’ll also have two trips to Abaco Lodge (where Pirates of the Flats was filmed) to auction off to raise funds for research. Please stop by the booth to show your support.

Bonefish Spawning Research Update

Bonefish Spawning Research Update

The research on ‘where do bonefish spawn?’ continues in The Bahamas (at the Cape Eleuthera Institute). So far, more than 50 bonefish have been implanted with sonic tags to allow tracking of their movements. What the scientists have found so far: spawning occurs near the full and new moons; spawning occurs at night; spawning occurs between January and April; spawning occurs in deep water (> 60 feet depth).  We expect a full report in winter 2009-2010.

Bonefish Catch and Release

There has been some confusion about what BTT has asked for relative to the protection of bonefish.  BTT asked FWC to make bonefish catch and release only, with a “kill” tag similar to the one for tarpon.  Specifically we also asked for the removal of any discussion of “possession” from the regulations.  Staff at FWC came up with some ideas that would be negative to everyone.  BTT is currently working with FWC to clear this up and avoid damaging regulations when the intent was to help protect the fish in a logical manner.  Click here for the full press release.

Bad news for permit in Florida

Based on the draft recommendations on permit regulations changes by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) staff, we see bad news for permit. FWC's strange interpretation of "catch and release" for potential new bonefish regulations is also a concern. The upcoming FWC meeting to discuss new regulations in Clewiston, FL on December 10, is the last chance to convince FWC to engage in more progressive conservation strategies for permit and bonefish.  BTT Press Release. Read a recent op-ed on Midcurrent.  Read FWC's recommendations.

Announcing a new level of BTT membership

BTT is proud to announce a new level of membership – the Flats Pirate, at $250. Based on conversations with current and potential members, we think this new level of membership will be popular. And as you may have already guessed from the title, the incentive for this level of membership is a copy of the Pirates of the Flats DVD.

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Bahamas Flats Economic Impact Report

Key Largo, FL – March 25, 2010 – The Bahamas is known as one of the world’s premier flats fishing destinations. Anglers travel from around the globe to hunt the crystal clear shallows of The Bahamas seeking the elusive bonefish, known as the “Grey Ghost of the Flats.”  Despite this area’s popularity among anglers, a clear understanding of bonefish biology, the importance of the flats fishing culture to Bahamians, and the economic value of the Bahamian flats fishery has remained as elusive as the “Grey Ghost” itself.

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Annual Board Meeting and Tarbone Dinner

On April 22, 2010, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust hosted its annual Board Meeting and Tarbone Major Donor Dinner in Key Largo, Florida.  During the meetings, the Board discussed current bonefish, tarpon and permit research, filming of the sequel to Pirates of the Flats (Buccaneers and Bones), and the pursuit of legislation to make tarpon a Federal Game Fish.  Donors were invited to observe the Board Meeting as well as research presentations given by Dr. Aaron Adams, Dr. Jerry Ault, and Kathy Guindon.  The annual Tarbone Dinner took place at the Angler's Club and was privately funded.  Joined together over fantastic food and conversation were BTT members, founders, and fishing luminaries.  The event was an overall success.

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Book Proceeds Benefit BTT

A Passion for Tarpon is the new book by Andy Mill that Lefty Kreh has called “the most technical and up-to-date book about how to catch giant tarpon with a fly rod. It is a master class with no short cuts.”

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