Bill Klyn

Bill Klyn hails from Jackson Hole, WY, about as far as possible from saltwater.  Having been 32 years in the fishing business, he was drawn to saltwater angling back in 1987 with his first foray into Biscayne Bay with Capt. Bill Curtis that made him a "bonefish junkie".

Board Member and Past Chair for the American Fly Fishing Trade Association spanning 16 years, and serving on the initial Recreational and Boating and Fishing Foundation Board for 5 years, he had seen the challenges that saltwater game fish and habitat were going through.  It was at one of the RBFF Board Meetings that he was introduced to the fledgling organization, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.  His 20 years with Patagonia, the outdoor gear and apparel manufacturer, has allowed him to support a number of fresh and saltwater grassroots groups, including Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.

Bill's 9 year old son Sam is fascinated with saltwater fishing, especially sharks.  His first outing was in the Keys with Capt. Jake Jordan during a classic windy, cold snap in April that had him bundled up in the front of a skiff.  He persevered the endless poling, and Jake did find sharks and a few crazed permit, so now Sam is ready to go toe to toe with bonefish and tarpon.  Artist Tim Borski and his son Josef instilled a new saltwater perspective in Bill and Sam wandering around the Tavernier/Islamorada backcountry to pursue multiple species of fish, as well as iguanas and snakes.

The lure of bonefish, tarpon, permit, snook and redfish drew Bill from Florida and the Gulf Coast to Central America, Mexico and the Bahamas.  It is the Bahamian people and culture and the lure of big fish in the remote Out islands that continues to draw him back.

BTT's efforts to learn more about tarpon and bonefish and the impact to their future sustainability inspired Bill to join the BTT Board.  "It was amazing to me that we knew so little about these magnificent fish that have been around for millions of years."

His research trip with Core Angling and Dr. Andy Danylchuk to Cape Eleuthera Institute opened his eyes as to what still needed to be done.  "Through Patagonia's World Trout initiative, we provided $12,000 to the Cape Eleuthera Institute for transmitters and a receiver that would track movements of bonefish to help understand more about spawning.  And we also provided $30,000 to BTT to study juvenile tarpon and migrations."

Bill was instrumental in creating and organizing the Pirates of the Flats series with fellow Board Member Chris Dorsey, President of Orion Multimedia.  He quasi-hosted for the filming in the Bahamas.  "Having these well known people come together to not only fish, but seek answers to what is happening with these terrific game fish, and their offering to promote future efforts of BTT, was a truly incredible experience," explained Bill.  Watch for this series beginning in January 2010 on ESPN.

Bill Klyn is an Executive Board Member of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.  He is the Vice President of Marketing for BTT.