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Best Practices For Catch & Release Fishing For Tarpon

All Tarpon

  • If a tarpon’s weight is desired, measure the length and girth and use the chart to estimate weight.
  • Keep fingers away from the gills; damaged gills make it hard for the fish to breathe.
  • If a fish loses equilibrium (it rolls over or goes nose-down on the bottom), revive it until it can swim upright, then shorten the fight time on future fish.
  • When reviving a fish, be sure that water passes over the gills from front to back. Move the tarpon forward or hold it upright in the water allowing it to pump water through its gills.
  • In warmer water, reduce fight and handling time.

Fight Time

  • Keep the fight short. Long fight times result in an exhausted tarpon, which is more vulnerable to predators.
  • Use tackle that matches the fish and conditions.