Buccaneers and Bones Season 2

The first episode of Buccaneers and Bones Season 2 will air Friday, December 30 at 12:30AM & 6:30AM (Eastern time) and Saturday, December 31 at 10:30AM & 5:30PM (Eastern time). Future episodes will air in these time slots in the following weeks.

See a trailer of Season 2.

If you like fishing for bonefish, you will like Season 2 of Buccaneers and Bones.

If you like picturesque flats and turquoise tropical seas, you will like the upcoming season.

If you like shots at tailing fish, you will be pleased.

In Season 2, the original crew from Pirates of the Flats is together once again: Tom Brokaw, Michael Keaton, Tom McGuane, Lefty Kreh, Yvon Chouinard, and Bill Klyn. Plus, this year they have been joined by Flip Pallot and Liam Neeson, who hold their own.

Season 2 takes place at the historic Deep Water Cay Club, the gateway to hundreds of square miles of scenic, bonefish-filled flats. The scenery is unbelievable, and the fishing fantastic.

Buccaneers and Bones Season 2 Episode Previews:


Miss last season or need a refresher? Check out these clips from Buccaneers and Bones Season 1

Here are some behind the scenes photos from Season 2 filming for you to enjoy.


Bill Klyn and Michael Keaton talk strategy on the flight to Deep Water Cay.


Minutes after arriving, Tom Brokaw is on fish.


Michael Keaton coaxing a bonefish under the guide's watchful eye, all in the camera lens.


Yvon Chouinard releases a nice bonefish.


Wouldn't you like to be here? Watch Buccaneers and Bones and you'll feel like you are.


Bonefishing paradise.


Tom Brokaw enjoys the primary mode of transportation at Deep Water Cay.


I didn't think the cameramen were allowed to eat.


Lefty Kreh and Tom Brokaw enjoy some down time.


Tom Brokaw and Yvon Chouinard explain how it all went down.


The Buccaneers were well equipped.