Protection and Conservation

It is no mere coincidence that the majority of anglers who have ever stalked, hooked, played and released bonefish, tarpon, or permit consider them to be three of fishing’s supreme challenges. Only a rare few species can match the 22-mph plus burst speeds of bonefish, the airborne acrobatics and raw strength of a determined Tarpon, or the wiley nature of permit. Once you hook up with any of them, you feel the unbridled survival instincts of three of the earth’s oldest creatures.

Although these species have been around for ages, their greatest challenge lies ahead as threats to these fish and their habitats increase. With a catch and release ethic becoming more common, recreational fishing can be more sustainable. Loss and degradation of habitats represent the top threats to bonefish, tarpon, and permit, but commercial fishing may be having a big impact in some areas as well. Pollution and increased boat traffic may also be adversely affecting the delicate estuarine ecosystems critical to their survival.

Considering their immense popularity as gamefish, it is amazing how little is actually known about bonefish, tarpon, and permit. But with each year we are learning more, and applying this new knowledge to conservation, with the goal of keeping healthy populations strong and restoring populations that have declined. 

History has proven to our BTT founders that many of the world’s greatest fisheries have had to face near collapse before any proactive intervention took place. Rather than risk a critical or perhaps irreversible decline of these three extraordinary species, BTT members are making a stand today to preserve bonefish, tarpon, and permit fishing for many generations to come.